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 Hi! I'm Emma I am an entirely self-taught artist. I love to bring my subjects to life, whether it be a cherished animal friend, family member, or many of my other projects. The best part is handing an artwork to the client and seeing how much they love what you have created. You will often find me "Pitched up" in Clarkes Village at least once a month or teaching my classes in Yetminster, Yeovil or Sherborne.

When I'm not out and about I'm usually sat at my desk painting or drawing.


My great grandmother was an artist and I am proud to be following in her footsteps, as I wear her ring on my drawing hand!

I am a working mum of 2 year old Lily whom I ADORE, wife to my loving husband Jon and dog mum to Ralph and Lucca all  are regularly subjects of my artwork (much to Jon's dismay!)

I've always loved to draw with pencil and charcoal but after having Lily I suffered with Post-Natal depression and so picked up a paint brush to paint my "blues" away and I havent looked back since.

My biggest thrill is teaching others to paint or draw and seeing them progress, I normally do a little happy dance (don't believe me ask my students!) I hope I will get to either create something beautiful for you or help you create your own work of art.

Emma x

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